Sunday, 15 January 2012

All In a Day

"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day" were the words that beautiful Rebecca Loree and I woke up to at 6 o'clock this morning, our last in Australia before setting off for Cambodia.

I rolled over, my body still sore from the work we did in Toowoomba, but appreciative of the mattress beneath me. I groaned, turned off my alarm, and then it hit me. "Holy crap, we leave for Cambodia today" I said, and Becca laughed.

I checked my email from my bed, (ah, the rare luxury of wifi ) and couldn't believe what I read.

I am still working on completing my fundraising for my outreach phase, and it's s due to the grace of my parents that I got to begin with my team. So, even on the day I was leaving for Cambodia, I was praying for breathrough.

And that is what I got. I woke up to the email of a good friend, with the great news of a generous donation from Saint Micheal's church towards my outreach.

I stood up and cheered and hopped on the spot and shared my news with Becca.

How crazy is that? The day I'm leaving, God provides. He's so good, and so loving, and He's got me becauae that's all in a day of being his daughter; and that goes for all of His children. He is faithful, even when we don't understand the timing. Even when we mumble, and we set up back-up plans in case the God of the Universe doesn't show up, He comes through, and He does so in His own way.. And it's always the best way, the way the stretches you and teaches you the most.

So I left for Cambodia on thursday having learned (another) lesson in God's provision and His timing, and with a greatful heart.

Thank you, brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles of Saint Mike's. Your partnership in my dreams for the people of Cambodia, means the world to me. It gives me such confidence knowing that I have such a beautiful extended family behind me.

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