Saturday, 5 November 2011

Biblical Truth

"It is no surprise that we have so many misconceptions about the book that have have never read."

I used to think that the bible was a little irrelevant, and a lot out-dated. But this week Jonathan Spainhour spoke and showed me otherwise. It is a book filled with promises of love and hope and purpose. It is a book of heroes who strove for peace and for justice in society, who were prepared to die for what they believed in. Who in this world could do without a hero like that? Who in this world is above the need for love and for purpose? The Bible is loaded with timeless truths that have meaning in our lives today.

So we read it. We wrestle with it. And we apply it, because it's all true. And we find love, purpose, and meaning in our lives.

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  1. Nat, I totally agree with you. Glad you are hearing what God has to say through others.