Wednesday, 2 November 2011

"The Man of God" by Natalie Richards

This is a man of God:
He is a knight and you are his king.
He is kneeling before you
The bells of the battle he's ready to ring.

For the glory of your name,
He is prepared to serve.
He will go where you ask;
He'll go without reserve.

He will stand in the gap
for those that you love.
He will answer your call,
And he will rise above.

He is annointed
And he is equipped.
His heart and his life
He is ready to give.

You have for him
A plan and a way.
From your unending love
He can never stray.

You will carry him
And you will hold his hand.
It is to this son of yours
That you will deliver the land.

Without you
His life has no meaning,
But he is covered by the blood
of the Creator of things.

You have brought him to a place
Where he is made new.
He will go. He will run.
He'll seek nothing but You.

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