Sunday, 6 November 2011

What a Wonderful World

I have been here for five weeks now, and they have all been incredible. It feels like just a few days ago that I was running around montreal packing up all my things, and hanging out with the wednesday (or is that thursday?) worshippers. I have made friends here who are from all sorts of places. We all have different styles and REALLY different ways of speaking, but we all have one thing in common: our heart for God and for the Nations. God has turned this into a really sweet family, a home away from home.

This coming week, we're going up to an old bible college campus called Tahlee for our National Leaders meeting and for our lectures on Spiritual Warfare. Apparently, it's got heaps of kangaroos with their little joeys in their pouches...Plus, The other group was up there this week and they saw and TOUCHED a 7-foot long python.

I'm not making this up. We're sleeping in tents up there, so please pray for me.

So far, We have had lectures on The Holy Spirit, The Father Heart of God, The Fear of the Lord, The Bible, and Hearing God's Voice.
We go on prayer walks around brothels every friday afternoon.
We're well into planning our outreach to cambodia,
We have intercession about three times a week on things around the world that really matter,
and we worship together regularly.
I'm being filled to the brim with passion for God and for His people and for relationships... and when I feel like there is nothing more to learn, God blows my mind AGAIN and I remember that I still have anouther 7 weeks of lectures to go before outreach, which will probably also blow my mind.

My Faith is being grown and stretched in ways that I can't describe in words. What I am gaining is knowledge that is not of the mind, but of the heart. It's not even that God is starting to speak to me... It's that now I am paying attention, and it's amazing.

God wants to speak to every single one of us.
He wants to love on us.
He wants to ROMANCE us ladies
He wants to tell his Sons that he is SO RIDICULOUSLY PROUD of them.
He wants to give us these incredible gifts,
and He wants to give us PURPOSE.

And all we have to do is turn around and pay attention.

The people you are surrounding yourself with have this huge power the change the way you are looking at your life, and what you are focusing. You've got to find people who inspire you to walk with God, because when you do, it will change your life. You will find freedom in persuing God like you can't even imagine.

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