Sunday, 23 October 2011

Beautiful Things

In the last few days, I've realized just how much I love this place. Down at Newcastle beach, there is a break wall that you can walk along. I took that walk for the first time on Friday night with a few of my new friends, and just enjoyed listening to the waves and got to know my mates a little better.

I went for coffee on Saturday night on Darby Street with my friends Nate, Ben, Julena, and another Ben. I had the best Soy Chai Latte of my life! The coffee/ beach culture here is so rich, and so casual and inviting. It combines all of my favorite things, so I feel right at home. after that, I stayed up really late with a bunch of people to go to the "meteor shower". While the meteors never showed up, the experience was beautiful. We all lay on the benches around the field near the house, and just talked under the stars.

The girls from my DTS all went for coffee together last night, and I had... the SECOND best soy chai latte of my life. :) We all bonded, which I think is so important. In the time that I have been here, my friend Becca has become someone I can talk about anything with, and just joke around with too! She's the best!

I really, really love it here. I'm having an amazing time.

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  1. Nat! I'm so encouraged to hear about your experiences so far. It is truly inspiring and a real blessing to everyone, here and there. I pray for you and can't wait to see what God will bring you next.