Sunday, 16 October 2011

Youth Street!!

Youth Street is this epic vision that YWAM Newcastle has for local (and not so local) young people. YS consists of an afternoon program that meets young people where they are at. The "crew" is divided up into different teams: Skate, Skoot, Sports, Dance, and Surf. We split up into our teams on crew and leaders and spend a few hours on saturday afternoons out and around Newcastle, doing what the crew love and having a great time. I have the privilege of hanging with one of the YS sports teams for my time on DTS, and I'm stoked about it. The crew are so awesome and so enthusiastic.

This past Saturday, we played beach cricket!! We had a great time with that, but since there were so many of us, our game didn't last too long. We ended up just cruising along on the beach, picking up shells, skipping rocks and getting to know each other. I had such a good time. 

The day wraps up at Lewis House, where all the teams come together for dinner and for Youth Street Live.  YS Live is a service for youth that includes worship, a talk, prayer and all that good stuff. 

Saturdays have already become my favourite day of the week here, because  of Youth Street. This ministry is so simple and so effective.. YS is growing so fast, and so strong, and it's really making a difference in the lives of so many of the crew. 

Only six days to go 'til the next one...

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