Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Created Word

To look at a painting without having any understanding of the painter takes away from the meaning of the artwork. I mean, the painting might be beautifil, but it is the painter's story that allows the full experience. In the same way, God's creation declares the story of our Lord. It tells us of His creativity, of His generosity, of His ABUNDANT LOVE for us. He has painted for us a world purposed for our enjoyment. He has canvased a picture of His plan for our lives, of His promise to His people, and of His love.

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  1. I heard an interesting analogy once:

    You're holding a rose... you can feel it, smell it, enjoy it's depth and colour, you may even get scratched by the thorns. It's beautiful, romantic, breath-taking.

    Now imaging you're looking at a picture of the same flower. It might look kind of nice, but you'll never be able to pick it up, smell it, or feel it. You're only getting a two dimensional look at something that was always meant to be touched, smelt and enjoyed in three dimensions.

    The same is true with the bible. The bible gives us a two dimensional look at a three dimensional God. God is so much bigger, greater and more fun than the image that is presented in the bible. If we limit God to what is seen on those pages, as holy and powerful as they are, we're missing a large part of who God is.

    So take some time to enjoy God in three dimensions.