Monday, 5 December 2011


It's been a whirlwind of information and processing concerning lectures in the last four weeks. We have covered Spiritual Warfare, Holy Spirit, Evangelism and Lordship. Our speakers have been incredible, and each very unique.

The teaching that I receive here is different from anything that I was taught in school. EVERYTHING IS APPLICABLE, no matter where you are at. And what is TRUE within this people-focused growing environment is different from what was true in school. What I was learning back home was "true" outside of my life - despite my existence. Like, whether I exist or not, gravity is a truth. But as well as all of those academic truths, I feel like there is a lot more to truth here. There are these extra laws, extra truths: they are constant, like the academic ones, but they are equally adaptable to each individual. What makes them true is my life. Outside of my life, these truths are just words, but because of my life and the lives of others, these truths come alive, and become absolute.

The very best example of this that I can think of is God's love. It is very real, almost tangible... a lot like a force. It is constant, but it is to be experienced in a multitude of ways, and for each individual it looks just a little bit different. Moreover, what makes love true is that it is a gift. It is offered to us as a truth, but what breaths life into that truth is that it is received individually. It's true to begin with, but it's the way that it applies to people that makes it real.

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